BÉBÉ Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

BÉBÉ Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

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The patented BODYGUARD® BÉBÉ  anti mosquito has been especially formulated so it does not alter the skin’s pH.  It has a consistency like water with a reduced alcohol content and added glycerine to moisturise and strengthen the lipid film.

It is the ideal choice for use on very young skin ( from 12 months +  ) and is also perfectly suited for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

We have combined our ultra gentle fragrance with an effective insect repellent to provide safe and efficient 7 HOUR protection for your children against all types of mosquitos (including tropical).

Our active ingredient is endorsed by the World Health Organisations (WHO) for its safety and efficiency, so trust BODYGUARD® and  join the 1000's across France already enjoying our revolutionary anti-mosquito!

Fragrance notes

TOP NOTE: Bergamot, HEART NOTE: Orange blossom BASE NOTE: White Musk
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BODYGUARD® should be applied every 7 hours to maintain protection.

To get the maximum benefits we recommend spraying over exposed areas of skin and then using your hands to spread the product all over. Just like applying sunscreen the patches you miss will still be vulnerable to mosquito bites, so using your hand to ensure even coverage, will help provide maximum protection.

BODYGUARD should not be sprayed directly onto your face, instead spray onto your hands and then pat onto your face taking care to avoid the eye area.

Don't forget to rub BODYGUARD onto your ears and your neck... both hot spots that mosquitos love!

TOP TIP! Know the types of mosquitoes found in your destination... some mosquitoes like Anopheles (transmits malaria) bite especially at night however the Aedes or tiger mosquito (transmits dengue fever, chickungunya or yellow fever) bites mostly during the day (morning or early evening).

Knowing when mosquitoes are most active in your area allows you to be prepared!

BODYGUARD® contains NO DEET! just the best active ingredient called IR3535®, created by an incredible scientific team that has been studying mosquitoes for over 30 years.

BODYGUARD® protects you by masking your body’s natural scent so the mosquito can’t locate you. Like your own invisible Bodyguard!

An on top of all that, it causes no harm to the environment... or even the mosquito!

To learn more about our formula click here

Can BODYGUARD® be sprayed on the face?
BODYGUARD® was created with sensitive skin in mind. When applying it to the face, care must be taken with regard to the eyes. Simply spray BODYGUARD® into your hands and then apply it to your face, carefully avoiding your eyes.

Can BODYGUARD® be used on children?
BODYGUARD® was created for the whole family and can be used on children from 12 months. If however you prefer an ultra light version of our fragrances try BODYGUARD Bebe Anti Mosquito . It offers the same protection however the texture is so light it feels like water!

How does BODYGUARD® work against mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes use our sense of smell and the heat emitted by our skin to locate us. The molecule we use is a bio-synthetic molecule based on natural amino acids that totally masks our smell. We are invisible to mosquitoes but we do not kill mosquitoes.

Does it protect against all kinds of Mosquitoes?
There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes, 300 of which bite humans. 
The main species, in particular mosquitoes that can transmit malaria (Anopheles), chikungunya, dengue fever, yellow fever or zika (Aedes albopictus – commonly called “tiger mosquito” or Aedes aegypti), or even West Nile fever (Culex ).
BODYGUARD® is effective on all types of mosquitoes.

BODYGUARD® contains alcohol can this contribute to sun spots
Numerous clinical studies have shown that the alcohol we use is absolutely non-irritating to healthy skin and the data supports the absence of phototoxic potential. Alcohol poses no risk in the sun. On the other hand, it can dehydrate the upper layers of the epidermis. This is why we have enriched the BODYGUARD® formula with a moisturising agent.

BODYGUARD® contains perfume is it safe for my skin in the sun?
We have selected our fragrances so that it is only a very very low concentration of fragrance (less than 0.05%), thus causing no hypersensitivity to UV light.

How long can you keep a bottle of BODYGUARD® ?
We recommend using your BODYGUARD® Mosquito Repellent within 18 months of manufacture. Store your bottle at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

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