Our Formula

We spent a full 2 years of research and development to finalise the perfect formula.

How Does BODYGUARD® Work?

BODYGUARD® contains the active insect repellent IR3535 (20% concentration) which has been created by an incredible scientific team that has been studying mosquitoes for over 30 years.

This molecule is endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and also recommended by other important governing bodies such as the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

It works by masking your body’s natural scent so the mosquito can’t locate you... like your own invisible Bodyguard!  It is biodegradable and causes no harm to the environment or the mosquitoes! 

Why is our formula so special?

When creating our BODYGUARD® formula we consulted closely with:

  • Specialised independent laboratories 
  • Medical epidemiologists
  • Entomologists
  • Perfumers 

Never before has an anti mosquito met all the criteria below at the same time like BODYGUARD® :

  • 8 Hour Protection
  • Highly Efficient
  • Safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding mums
  • Excellent eco-toxicity
  • Enjoyable to apply

Citrus Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml
Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml
Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

Citrus Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

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Our BODYGUARD® patented anti mosquito formula combines a light eau de cologne strength fragrance with an efficient insect repellent. Never before has an anti-mosquito product smelt so good!

  • EFFICIENT: BODYGUARD® protects your skin for up to 7 HOURS against all types of mosquitos (even tropical). Its effectiveness has been proven by independent laboratories and our active ingredient is endorsed by the World Health Organisations (WHO) for its safety and efficiency.
  • SAFE: Formulated for use by the entire family, BODYGUARD® can be safely applied to children from 1 year +  and pregnant or breast feeding mothers.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Dermatologically tested, BODYGUARD® is proven to be non-irritating to the skin and is even enriched with moisturising agents for added comfort.

Trust BODYGUARD® and  join the 1000's across France already enjoying our revolutionary anti-mosquito! 


Fragrance notes

TOP NOTES: Citrus, bergamot, orange HEART NOTES: Orange blossom, lavender BASE NOTES: Musk, Spices
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