Can BODYGUARD® be applied to your face?

BODYGUARD® was created with sensitive skin in mind. When applying it to the face, care must be taken with regard to the eyes. Simply spray BODYGUARD® into your hands and then apply it to your face, carefully avoiding your eyes.

How long can you keep a bottle of BODYGUARD®?

We always print a best before date in line with Health & Safety Regulations on the side of our bottles. Like cosmetics we recommend you store your bottle at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

How does BODYGUARD® protect you from Mosquitos?

Mosquitos locate humans using our smell and the heat emitted by our skin. The active ingredient we use in BODYGUARD® has over 30 independent studies to support its efficiency and is a bio-synthetic molecule based on natural amino acids. It works by totally masking our smell... so the mosquitoes simple cant locate us! We are invisible to mosquitoes but we do not harm them!

Why doesn't BODYGUARD® kill the mosquitos?

The mosquito has been present on our planet for more than 4.5 billion years, it plays a role in our ecosystem. Concerned about preserving the environment,  BODYGUARD® only acts to repel the mosquito without killing it. The Mosquito performs 3 main functions int he plants eco system:
  • he is a pollinator
  • it is a “recycler”, the larvae being detritivores
  • it is a food resource for many animals and organisms

Can BODYGUARD® be used by children?

BODYGUARD was created for the whole family and can be used on children. We recommend use on children over 1 year old and it must be applied by an adult

Is BODYGUARD® effective against all types of mosquitos?

There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes, 300 of which bite humans.  BODYGUARD® efficiency has been tester on the main species, in particular mosquitoes that can transmit malaria (Anopheles), chikungunya, dengue fever, yellow fever or zika (Aedes albopictus – commonly called “tiger mosquito” or Aedes aegypti), or even West Nile fever (Culex ).

BODYGUARD® Contains Alcohol?

Our clinical studies have shown that the vegetable alcohol we use is  non-irritating to healthy skin. Alcohol can dehydrate the upper layers of the epidermis. This is why we have enriched the  BODYGUARD® formula with a moisturisers.


There are other products on the market that use IR3535 why is ours different?

We use IR3535 for its repellent quality, we have worked our own formula around this molecule to make the product not only effective but also pleasant to wear.
We are the only collection in the world to meet all consumer selection criteria:
  • long-lasting effectiveness: 8 hours
  • effective against all mosquitoes
  • healthy for humans
  • eco-friendly
  • one product for the whole family
  • and what's more...they smell divine! the fragrances have been imagined by our Master Perfumer

 Is BODYGUARD® suitable for sensitive skin?

BODYGUARD® has been dermatologically tested and proven to be non-irritating. We have only a very low concentration of fragrance in our formulas, thus causing no hypersensitivity to UV light.

If you are prone to skin irritation and are worried about allergies we would advise you first try BODYGUARD® on a small patch of skin, this will allow you to be sure you do not have any reactions.

BODYGUARD® is safe to spray onto your exposed arms, legs and feet as long as you do not have broken skin. 

Do some fragrances attract mosquitos?

Indeed, in fact the smell of the coconut flower in nature attracts the mosquito, like many other flowers since the mosquito is a pollinator. We have ensured our fragrance composition do not attract mosquitos!

Even if that was the case…. the mosquito still can not detect you due to our our highly effective active ingredient (IR3535) we use within BODYGUARD®