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Our products follow a genuine perfume creation process, which makes them real fragrances with added health benefits.

Four Original Fragrances

All our fragrance creations in the BODYGUARD® collection are original perfumes developed by our master perfumer and made in our very own laboratory located in the heart of Haute Provence, in Manosque. It is from here that we make every single bottle of BODYGUARD® and ship out around the world. By controlling the entire production process we can guarantee the exceptional quality of our fragrances.

About an olfactory pyramid

For each fragrance we have an olfactory pyramid which allows us during the creation process of the fragrance to balance the different components and to have a harmonised final result. 

The three different notes represent three different stages in the evolution of a fragrance. The evaporation of the different aromas is gradual, some longer than others, depending on the note, the final olfactory result develops over time. 

The top note is the first note that you will smell after spraying. It is volatile and ephemeral, it gives the first impression on the perfume.

The heart note is the characteristic note of the perfume, it is voluptuous, and constitutes the olfactory signature of the perfume. 

The base note is the one that will fix the perfume and make it last over time.


The creation process

A quality fragrance requires time and patience. 

For all of our productions, we use a superfine beet alcohol purified of all impurities. The quality of raw materials is paramount.

Once all the components have been mixed, the most important step is maceration, during which a real marriage takes place between the aromatic compounds and the alcohol.

During the maceration, the perfume is regularly mixed, which increases the contact between the different ingredients. 

After a minimum of 3 weeks of maceration, the perfume matures. It is then filtered. All the impurities resulting from the maceration are then removed.


Free from Endocrine Disruptors

The fragrance used in our BODYGUARD ® range are free from endocrine disruptors and are formulated without butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT, an allergenic and carcinogenic oxidising agent) .

Citrus Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml
Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml
Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml
Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml
Citrus - Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

Citrus Fragranced Anti Mosquito 100ml

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Our BODYGUARD® patented anti mosquito formula combines a light eau de cologne strength fragrance with an efficient insect repellent. Never before has an anti-mosquito product smelt so good!

  • EFFICIENT: BODYGUARD® protects your skin for up to 7 HOURS against all types of mosquitos (even tropical). Its effectiveness has been proven by independent laboratories and our active ingredient is endorsed by the World Health Organisations (WHO) for its safety and efficiency.
  • SAFE: Formulated for use by the entire family, BODYGUARD® can be safely applied to children from 1 year +  and pregnant or breast feeding mothers.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Dermatologically tested, BODYGUARD® is proven to be non-irritating to the skin and is even enriched with moisturising agents for added comfort.

Trust BODYGUARD® and  join the 1000's across France already enjoying our revolutionary anti-mosquito! 


Fragrance notes

TOP NOTES: Citrus, bergamot, orange HEART NOTES: Orange blossom, lavender BASE NOTES: Musk, Spices
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