Why did we include IR3535 ® as our Active Ingredient?


What makes IR3535 ® so special compared to other anti mosquito active ingredients? Well here is all we discovered about this very unique insect repellent ingredient.


IR3535® is a one of a class active ingredient that was developed as an insect repellent more than 30 years ago by the world renowned Merck Laboratory. The IR3535® molecule was actually inspired by a naturally occurring amino acid; Merck Laboratory used their expert know-how in science & technology to create a repellent that was highly efficient and also very importantly, kind to the environment.


Since then, IR3535® has built up a superb reputation with the World Health Organisation (WHO), CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) all recommending IR3535 ® as a safe and efficient option for prevention against mosquito bites.


After researching different types of active ingredients, consulting our specialists and carrying out  our own independent trials,  we concluded that IR3535®  meets all the criteria we were looking for in an active ingredient. We want a repellent that was highly efficient, safe and suitable for the entire family, while offering complete protection against not just mosquitoes but also, midges, ticks and other biting insects. This is exactly what IR3535 ® allows us to do.


We were proud to be granted the authorisation to use IR3535® within BODYGUARD® and it has allowed us to create a world class anti mosquito product.


So exactly how does BODYGUARD® work?

It works by masking your body’s natural scent so mosquitoes and other biting insect can’t locate you... like your own invisible Bodyguard!  BODYGUARD® uses a 20% concentration of IR3535® that blocks the olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs) of the mosquito. This simply means that your odour signals are no longer transmitted to the antennal lobe of the mosquitos.


When your skin is sprayed with the scented formula of BODYGUARD® the mosquito can not detect the odour of your skin so simply does not bite you.


Our  laboratory tests and approved product 

BODYGUARD® repellent has been validated by the laboratory T.E.C. (3), for Culex pipiens, Anopheles gambiae and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes for a period of 8 hours, according to the reference method of the World Health Organization. Testing has demonstrated effectiveness in climatic conditions up to 34 °C and 95% humidity, covering temperate and tropical climates. 


Beyond its proven efficacy, IR3535® has an excellent safety profile.


Not only is it gentle on your skin but also we love IR3535 as it is suitable for all family members. It can be safely applied to children from 1 year +, pregnant and breast feeding women. Whatever the  destination you visit, IR3535® will protect you for hours. 


It is also a biodegradable molecule that causes no harm to the environment or even the mosquitoes!


To sum up Merck Laboratory  applied their groundbreaking knowledge in science & technology to create a very safe insect repellent that is scientifically proven for its superb efficiency, without harming the insect, it is very gentle on your skin and is biodegradable so won’t accumulate in the environment… it truly is a wonderful piece of science! 

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