Ever wondered about mosquito clickers for bite relief? Read our article for London Evening Standard

Always a pleasure to give our expert opinon on all things related to mosquitos. 

Below is our resent article for London Evening Standard where we talked about the recent trend of mosquito 'clickers' and gave our top tips on staying bite free this Summer! 

Article 12th June 2024
London Evening Standard
Interviewed by: Saskia Kemsley

For more than half of the year, all that we look forward to are sunnier days and warmer evenings ahead. By the time they finally roll around, we relish in the arrival of consistent vitamin D, Aperol Spritzes on terraces and gorgeous loose-fitting linen.

Yet every year without fail, we curse the existence of summertime pests such as mosquitos and midges which threaten to thwart our enjoyment of the great outdoors, especially during particularly hot nights. Slathering ourselves in deet and natural mozzie repellents is all well and good, but the dastardly insects always seem to find a way through the topical forcefield.

We chatted to the co-founder of BODYGUARD Fragranced Anti Mosquito and Laboratoire ASTELIA, Gemma Flanagan, for some insight into mosquito clickers, bite prevention and relief.

What are mosquito bite zappers and how do they work?

“The concept behind mosquito zappers is to target the site of the mosquito bite with a small ‘shock’ of concentrated piezoelectric charge, which may help temporarily get rid of the feeling of an insect bite itch. The ‘zap’ or ‘click’ can feel like a ‘small sting’. These products can come in the form of a pen-like device or mini ‘gun’.”

Do mosquito bite zappers actually work to soothe and heal painful, itchy bites?

“They are aimed at reducing the urge to itch therefore they may help prevent further irritation caused by continued scratching of the localised site. They are not a topical treatment for a mosquito bite and will not help heal a mosquito bite but help with temporary symptomatic relief.”

What are the best ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting?

“When it comes to clothing, light colours are the best, remember mosquitos are looking for you and it's easier for them to spot bright colours (like on flowers) including black, compared to lighter clothing.

“If you are exercising, you are a target! Mosquitos are attracted to CO2and the way your skin smells when you are hot. If you are active outdoors, you should be extra vigilant. Applying an insect repellent such as BODYGUARD which contains a scientifically proven active ingredient is a quick and simple way to be sure you are protected.

“Always apply repellent as the last thing before going out, and at least 20 minutes after other skin cosmetics including sunscreen, as it should be the top layer on your skin. Use your hands to rub evenly over your exposed skin, this ensures even coverage.

“Read the label of your repellent and set an alarm on your watch so you don’t forget when to re-apply. Repellents have different levels of protection so get to know when you should re-apply.”

What are some other ways to help soothe painful mosquito bites?

“Applying a cold compress can help ease the itch. Skincare products that contain ingredients such as alantoine, aloe vera and chamomile can also help soothe a painful bite.

“In the event of severe inflammation, antihistamine medications can help. In the case of superimposed infections, an antibiotic can be added. Please do not self-medicate, these medications should be prescribed by a doctor or a pharmacist only.”


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