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Why add fragrance to anti mosquito?


"With Bodyguard, we wanted to show that a skin protection product doesn't have to be unpleasant to use to be really effective. I usually don't protect myself against mosquitoes because I find that formulas can be sticky and don't smell good, I just don’t want to use them. We therefore developed formulas, including one especially for babies. Each of the perfumes has been developed by a master perfumer, they are therefore really original perfumes, they are all very pleasant to use but also with proven long-lasting effectiveness".

How do you avoid getting bitten?

"The one thing that is very important to guarantee the effectiveness of the product is the application. Mosquitos will come and bite you on areas not covered by clothing. Typically for me, its going to be the arms and the legs it can even be the face and the area that we tend to forget is the ankles and the tops of the feet.
So what we must do is spray ourselves well and above all we are going to spread it properly. Once we have applied it, we are protected for 8 hours. We can also apply some on the face, in this case we put some in our hand and then we can apply it. Don't spray it directly on your face." 

Can Bodyguard be used with other products?

"Bodyguard is also compatible with usual cosmetics, typically a cream or sunscreen. The only important thing is to apply it after the cosmetic product and leave 20 minutes between the two so that the cream has time to absorb into the skin". 

True or False about Mosquito

Are mosquitos the deadliest species on earth?
"It's True! The mosquito is the animal that kills the most human beings on earth. In 2020 according to the latest figures of Pasteur Institute, 627,000 dead.

The Tiger mosquito does not exit in France?

It's False! The tiger mosquito has been by the sea for many years and in mainland France since 2004. It is essential to protect yourself against the tiger mosquito because it carries diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, zika.

Only Females bite us?

It's True! Only females bite us, they need protein to feed their eggs.
You are probably wondering what are males for? They are pollinators, they serve as food for other insects, and they are detritivores, they feed on detritus. 

How does BODYGUARD work an why is it effective?

"You are probably wondering why the mosquito bites us?
It is attracted by the carbon dioxide that we emit and quite simply, our body odor. Bodyguard is composed of IR3535, a bio-synthetic molecule extracted from a natural amino acid. It blocks the mosquito's olfactory receptor. Suddenly it no longer detects us. The effectiveness of Bodyguard has been validated by an independent laboratory according to the WHO reference
method that is to say the test cage. This test consists of putting your forearm impregnated with Bodyguard in a cage containing a thousand female mosquitoes. After 2 injections, the test is stopped and the product is considered to be no longer effective. Bodyguard has successfully passed all these tests. It has demonstrated an effectiveness of up to 8 hours, in both temperate and tropical zones."


Why choose BODYGUARD over another anti mosquito brands?

By choosing Bodyguard, you are choosing a unique product in the world. It is the first and only mosquito repellent to be effective for 8 hours, respectful of the environment and which smells as good as a perfume. It has been tested and is effective against the most dangerous mosquito species whether in temperate or tropical zones. And the icing on the cake, it does not irritate and provides ideal comfort of use thanks to emollient and moisturising agents which leave the skin very



"As you know, the mosquito is the animal that kills the most human beings. Another disease on the rise is tick-borne lyme disease.
Bodyguard protects you for 8 hours against mosquitoes and 12 hours against ticks. With Bodyguard, we participate in the fight against vector-borne diseases."
"But it's not all about having effective products, you still have to respect compliance, that is to say apply them correctly and often enough, something that you don't necessarily want to do when the products are unpleasant to apply. So that's the whole goal behind Bodyguard, transforming protective constraints into a wellbeing routine."
"Bodyguard mosquito repellent works for everyone: it is effective, it can be applied by the whole family and it is environmentally friendly."
"Indeed, we have selected a molecule that is biodegradable on the ground and in water, with packaging that is not only recyclable but also refillable."

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