How are Anti Mosquito products regulated within the UK?


How do you know an anti-mosquito product you buy off the shelves is going to work? 

Within the UK anti mosquito products which contain an active ingredient are regulated by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) under the GB Biocidal Products Regulations (GB BPR).

In order to obtain a national authorisation certificate from the HSE every biocidal anti-mosquito on the market must work with the Health & Safety Executive to create a Product Assessment Report (PAR).

 The evaluation of a biocidal product is extremely detailed.  Product Safety data sheets, scientific & efficiency studies, qualitative and quantitative information on the composition of the ingredients are submitted, along with dermatological tests. Only once the team at HSE have completed their professional assessment of your product  and agree with your marketing claims, safety and efficiency can you be approved for market and a product certificate issued that allows you to sell within the UK. This process is extremely detailed and can take 2 – 3 years.We were delighted to be issued our UK National Authorisation to market BODYGUARD Fragranced Anti Mosquito from the UK Health & Safety Executive in 2023.

All anti-mosquito brands on the UK market that have followed the above process have a authorisation number printed on their bottle. 

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